services Provided:

Producing an entire project: Whether you're recording an album or starting a podcast we can help you from start to finish. Consultation and guidance before and during the idea stage, assistance with determining your audience, assistance with song selection, full service arranging, recording your vocals for podcast or music, coordinating and recording background vocals, mixing of your project, and mastering.

Podcast editing: For a competitive rate, we can provide podcast editing, mix, and master. You send us your files and we can clean them up for you. Additional services such as beginning/ending music and voiceover services are offered as well.

Music and podcast music arranging: We take your songs (original or not) and create an arrangement that is in your vocal range, in your musical style preference, and fits your target audience. This is a great option for your podcast. We create background music, beginning and ending music, lead in/out segments based on either a particular episode or your podcast point of view.

Studio mix: This is the process of taking your home or studio recordings and creating a professional mix that is both pleasing and powerful using the best plug-ins and top of the line analog equipment.

Master: Once your songs or podcast are mixed they we can adjust them to have a similar relative volume and the overall similar sound.  This ensures that your songs or mixes are at the same relative volume and have the same level of brightness and low end punch.  We use great sounding analog gear for this process along with software to enhance your recordings.  Several of our analog units have been custom modified by the original manufacturers to provide even better performance.

Instrument recording: We can provide live recorded tracks of a large variety of musical instruments.  Many times simply adding live drums, bass, piano electric, or acoustic guitar can add a very different feel to an arrangement that can’t be reproduced even by the best virtual instruments available.

Audio restoration: Whether you have a recording from 1970 or a mixtape from the 1980's, we can clean it up, remaster it, and deliver it to you in any digital format. Over the past 10 years we have restored thousands of hours of audio recordings.

Consultation: Churches, musicians, and businesses in California, Nevada, and Colorado have benefited from our expertise.  Let us help you make informed decisions with your audio related projects. This is an hourly fee service.