What I do

Orlando Magana Audio Production

Services provided:

Producing an entire project: From concept to a final product, we can partner together to make it happen. I bring my experience and equipment you can focus on what you do best.

Professional podcast production: All of my clients are in need of a podcast that represents their institution or brand so the finished product sound professional and polished. I take the time to record, edit, and mix your podcast so it sounds great.

Professional podcast editing: For a competitive rate, your podcast is edited, mixed, and mastered. You send us your files and take it from there.

Music composition: Custom music created just for your project!

Mixing and Mastering: Your recorded files and are processed and polished to audio perfection. Then, I deliver them to you in whatever format is needed.

Audio restoration: Whether you have a recording from 1970 or a mixtape from the 1980's, it can be cleaned up and remastered. Over the past 10 years I have restored thousands of hours of audio recordings.