Samples of my work

by Various Artists

This is a small sample of recent work which I update regularly. The sound, balance, and overall production style reflects the artist and target audience. Simple click on a title to play it.


All arrangements and recordings are copyright 2018 Orlando Magana Audio Productions and may not be used without permission.

  • 4:46
    This is a podcast we produce for the UC Davis Emergency Department ( We provide the following services: Consultation, custom music, recording, editing, mix, and master.
  • 0:07
    Here is a 7 second bumper for the Hope Channel ( It is part of a set consisting of multiple time bumpers and lead in/out music.
  • 1:09
    This is a custom piece created for Loma Linda University Broadcasting for one of their shows.
  • 1:20
    This is another custom piece created for a health/community show.
  • 5:00
    CAPS Program - Loma Linda University
  • 4:10
    Jesus Eduardo - Independent christian artist.
  • 2:58
    Eileen Bouchot - Independent christian artist